Friday, July 12, 2013

Pikesafari #3 2013

Once again another week has passed us by, and once again it's time for a pike safari summary.
Yesterday we had 21 anglers devided on 6 boats. We expected more anglers this week since this third pike safari of the year has been fully booked last couple of years.

This time the weather forecast didn't look to promising for fishing with powerful winds from north and the water level was rising with at least 25cm over the day. Forecast the days before also promised rain but fortunately the rain stayed in the sky. Maybe the forecast scared of a few guests since we received 3 cancellations yesterday and a few ones also hesitated due to the weather.

Fishing was going to be good though. Our first place of the day was the area just south of Verkö, east of Karlskrona city. We stayed in the area for just above one hour and several boats reported fish when we gathered up. Me myself missed a nice fish after just a few casts, but landed a 83cm pike just a few casts later.

Second place this evening was the area of Kalsholmen, Basareholmen and south-west Verkö. This place delivered good and most boats reported a bit cryptic about good fishing. At this place we landed a fish of 85,5cm in my boat and for a short while we thought that the winner fish of the day could have been captured.

Back at Dragsö we summed up the evening boat by boat with variating results. One boat managed to catch 10 pikes, while one boat went back with 2 pikes. In total 36 pikes was caught and when David reported about their catches, he told and proved that they caught a pike of 91cm. Obviously they won and got the winner caps this week!

Overall we had a very nice evening with good fishing and much better weather than expected.

To be continued with another summary next week!

// Daniel Wickman