Friday, June 28, 2013

Pikesafari #1 2013

Friday and a weekend is approaching once again. Yesterday we arranged this seasons first Pikesafari and 16 persons joined in including myself. Since we only went out with 5 boats, I was the only guide following this time.

Since fishing last couple of times has been good a bit further out in the archipelago, I took the decision to start out by Hasslö island. Winds were a bit rough, approx 7-9m/s but it was calming down later in the evening. At the first place i managed to catch a 87cm fish in my second cast which directly increased our expectations of the evening. This pike inhaled a tailbait which once again showed its effectivity.

It didn't take to long before another fish in size around the 80's was caught in our boat. We heard about a few more caught ones at the first place, but overall not to many pikes was caught during the first hour.

Second place we went to this evening was the islands called 'Bergaholmarna'. On this site David catched a 107cm pike in the morning when he had some time off work. No fish of this good size was shown when we got there but some smaller individuals was caught anyway.

About 9 p.m. we went back to Dragsö to see what boat team who managed to catch the biggest pike. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, no bigger fish than the 87cm fish was caught during the evening so my boat was winning and 3 lucky guests received the first Winner caps of this years edition of Pike Safari!

To sum up, we had a nice evening and the total score was 12 pikes and also a decent sized perch.

Next pike safari is on Thursday 4th July, and we have vacancies for this trip. Join in for a nice fishing trip in our lovely arcipelago!

// Daniel Wickman