Saturday, June 22, 2013

I ain't hangovered today!

Hi to all!

Today we celebrate Swedish Midsummerday and our campsite is full with tourists and holiday celebraters. Yesterday we had traditional Midsummer celebrations like dancing around the maypole. Most guests was most probably eating plenty of herring and fresh potatoes as well.

Since a lot of people drink like never before these days, most of them have a classic hangover today with not much activity. Me myself work alot during this midsummer week so not much alcohol is consumed and this day I turned this fact to my advantage. My workinghours was set to afternoon this Saturday so I decided go fishing for a few hours between 10:00-13:00. This showed to be a lucky shot since fishing was continously good.

Last fishing trip gave good results on tailbaits so I decided to try them out hard today as well. It didn't take to long before a nice 92cm fish was captured and after a quick photo released of course. Just a few casts later a Very, with a big V, Very big fish followed my lure all the way to the boat. This fish easily reached +110cm...

With the fish in my mind I decided to really search the same area accurately. Today the pikes really were into feeding mode and attacked my lures hard and many of them took the whole bait in their mouths.

Within two hours hectic fishing with plenty of activity, I managed to catch several nice pikes. Top fish measured 88, 90, 90, 92, 94, 95 & 101cm! I also catched 2 smaller pikes and lost a few bigger ones. All pikes once again was caught on Svartzonker Mctail, both Herring colour with white tail and eelpout colour worked well over the weedbeds. Fishing was made over about 1-3m of depth.

Will be off work Monday & Thuesday. More reports to follow then :)

// Daniel Wickman