Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp record beaten!

Hi to all,

Spring fishing season is coming to its end and just a few groups are out at the moment. About a week ago, French guests in Kroliks company set new records at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. After barely a week of fishing, 9 guys managed to catch 845 pikes! For a similar group of anglers, this is a new record when it comes to amounts! Respect and great fishing.

I've received a report from Mike from the record breaking group, so here it comes!

"Hey Daniel and all Dragsö crew!
I’m back to france , here rain and rain... and no pike hi hi

Summary of my extra crazy week in Camp Dragsö sportfishing!

On our first day weather was changing all day but mostly sunny and the first afternoon sets the pace. 90 pikes in 6 fishing hours with a 90cm for me.
After 4 days me and my crew have catched 487 pikes!!! Daniel and Andreas informed me "that we can beat a record”, the record was 9 anglers with 830 pikes.
The best lure was ripple shad 5” and 6” , in colours cola , ocean blue and sometimes white! Other french lure (slit shad 6” white or one up shad sawamura have catched pike). With Daniel's advice I went to some islands with best color on my lures. The pike eat more more herring and gobies!
The best jerkbait was the baby buster , other big lure and big jerkbait make no difference .. no bigger fish, the pikes was feeding on small fish.  
760 pikes after the Thursday, one day left to beat the record!!! But friday with no wind, fishing was more difficult! Still it was enough to make new record 845 pikes with a 95cm for Pierre.

One deception ... no meter pike ... I caught one 99cm, Cyril one 98cm, my brother 97cm and Pierre 2 pikes 95cm. A lot of pikes 80+ in all boat, about 60 pikes 80+cm and about 15 pikes 90+cm.

Thank you for all, this is my best dream, but it has become a reality.... and all this thanks to you , Dragsö Crew!!

I'll come back next year!!!
Mike , Christophe , Pierre , Cyril , Hervé , Jack , Gerald , Serge and Damien"

Thanks for the report Mike and also for the pictures! I can strongly recommend to make a visit to Mikes blog where he has been writing a good report about their visit. Use Google Translate if you don't understand French :)


Thank you Daniel , see you next year :) :)