Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great Midsummer fishing!

Since I had a day off work today, time was going to be spent on water. Weather didn't look to promising for fishing. Sunny, almost no wind and murky water from past days rough winds. Morning was spent with a friend of mine who followed for a relaxed fishing trip and hang out on the islands. Results was poor so we decided to sun bath on one of the beutiful islands and so we did.

When my friend started her shift in Dragsö reception I re-packed my gear and went out for some quality fishing time on my own. I didn't expect to much out of the day but immediately I got the answers I wanted. In my fifth cast I had a meter pike following all the way to the boat, and just a few casts later I successfully landed a +80cm fish.

This was just the start of a few hours of really good fishing. When I went home again about 3 fishing hours later, my score was 9 pikes with top fish 102, 100, 96, 90cm and also 2 or 3 fish over 80cm. All fish was caught on a Svartzonker Tail with modified Big Tail, and the pikes was so eager to eat these lures that the two meter pikes totally inhaled the big bait, leaving no signs of it outside their mouths!

More to come!! :)

// Daniel Wickman