Monday, August 27, 2012

Bom Bom, Baam!

Wow fishing is continuously hot at the moment. Yesterday we had a bit stronger winds, perhaps about 8m/s with local squalls at 14m/s. Of course this didn't bother me much after work. Last couple of days has been great so I decided to give it a try anyway.

And this was a decision that I wouldn't regret. Best fishing at the moment is still a far way out in the archipelago, where you can find shallow parts close to deeper areas. With the wind condition I had to stop just a few hundred meters out from the harbour to optimize my load in the boat, just to get a steady drive on the open water.

The fishing started out a bit slow but soon enough I had a huge strike with a following good fight, pulling out line several times in 7-10m rushes. When I saw the fish I realized that this for sure was a meter pike, most probably up to 1.10 and good condition. My feelings was combined with happy spirit in my head with the feeling of "God please let me land this fish now and don't let it escape for me!".

Of course, the pike heard my thoughts and decided to spit my lure out, with following bad words from my mouth. Immediately I made a new cast on almost the same spot as the biggie striked, and to my amazement a new good hit almost directly showed of into my banana formed rod. This fish also spitted out my lure but just after 4-5 seconds, I felt that this fish was big as well!

Some more bad words followed but directly I made a new cast just a few meters to the right of where the first ones were attacking my eel. BAM and a third fish of great size inhaled my bait! I could not believe what was going on while I was fighting this fish. To my relief, I saw that this beauty had taken both hooks well and was for sure not going to get away. At the boat I used a poor lip grip to secure the fish. Success!

It's hard to get good photos when out on water, but with a carp sack you can easily put the pike back to the water while setting up your camera. So with the self-timer I managed to take few nice pics of this top conditioned 104cm :) And best of all? It's all on the Go Pro monted on my chest. Will be up on our YouTube channel soon!

3 hours fishing, contact with 3 meter pikes and a total of 7 in the boat yesterday.