Friday, August 10, 2012

Pikesafari #7 2012

Rattle drums....... Bam! The last pikesafari for this season has comed to its end as we write friday morning. As last year, this last pikesafari wasn't really fully booked and only 4 boats with 15 anglers went out.

The weather didn't look to good during the day. Some showers and low north winds. I decided to go a bit further out this time, since we experienced a lot of sea weed during last pikesafari and the visited places. But honestly spoken, north side of Hasslö wasn't much to cheer for either. If possible, this place was even worse! If one cast out of ten went good without catching sea weed, well then it was pretty good. And as a "welcome here" we received a powerful rain shower just when we got there, luckily it stopped fast and the sun smiled at us for the rest of this evening.   

With this fact in our minds, I decided to go to place number two a bit earlier than estimated. Just before we went of, one of the boats managed to catch a 74cm fish and directly we realized that this fish was the one to beat. 

Continuously, we went a long drive to south of Dragsö. By then we had no wind to speak about and I realized that it was going to be a hard time finding any fish. I was kind of right, since anglers in my boat only caught a small cucumber.

Back at Dragsö the summary of this last pikesafari was going to be very short and easy. With only 5 pikes in total, the early 74cm fish won and 4 lucky anglers could receive the last nice caps for this season.

In total this summer, we managed to catch 123 pikes in 7 safaris. Something to break for next year!

Now a few weeks of preparation and ending the regular camping main season is approaching. 

Stay updated, because soon we're ready for another PIKE season!