Monday, August 20, 2012

Autumn season on its way


As you may now by now, pikesafari sessions is over for this year and yesterday a lot of camping guests left us. For me, this is a sign and feeling of that the fishing season is on its way to start once again. We have still about 25 degrees with a top yesterday of 28 degrees.

As you might now, when the fishing guts are strong, it doesn't matter what the weather is like. So was the case yesterday. 28 degrees, no wind and the ice cream shops were for sure happy for their sales. I went out in the evening for a short session before the sun went down. Tried out the new Real Eel's 30cm with good result! At first stop a long way out in the archipelago, it just took about 5 casts before a remarkable strong pike just under the meter got really furious on one of my eels. At first I expected the fish to be even bigger, but this fish was good conditioned and with a back thicker than a bull neck. Colours were amazing, a perfect sample of a typical Blekinge pike.

Well, I continued approx 50 meter and at this place I felt 2 small touches on my eel, I thought it was a bottom bounce on the stones but when the lure came closer to the boat I saw a huge follower! This one was really fat and by estimate around 110cm. With this fish in my mind, I started to cast like crazy in all directions nearby but the smart lady didn't expose herself again. Lucky for me though, it only took 5 minutes on a new spot and a 90cm fish more came up!

So, now I really look forward to season, Do you? :)



I have never seen green fish..i am quite amazed to see this fish..t's big and something different but good..I enjoyed this..