Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nice fish coming up!

So nice to confirm that the season seems to start good this autumn. We are barely in the end of August, but still there are som nice fish coming up. Today I had lure graver Jens in the reception and he told me about a 10,4 kilo fish (Huge! 110cm?) that was caught in our area in the past days. I also heard from other people that at least 2 meter pikes was caught in the last days, but these samples were very thin.

Personally, I ended my shift in the early afternoon so I decided to go out for a short evening session since weather was superb! A bit cloudy, about 4-5m/s and south-west direction of the wind. This day, all islands and reeds looked good but I decided to try a bit further out again. This was for sure a good choise. Within 2.5 hours fishing I managed to catch 2 pikes just under the meter, one of approx 85cm and also 5 more between 75-80cm. They were going crazy out there and I can't even imagine how many followers there was. All fish were standing in about 2m depth close to deeper water.

At the moment we are having 2 groups of fishing guests and tomorrow seems to be pretty okey fishing weather as well so hopefully there can be some nice fish coming up!