Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finally, we're in it!

As the headline calls, we are into the autumn season now! The second group of fishing guests arrived today and more to come. With the past days good fishing, we hope that our guests will reach their expectations out there and hopefully we can post some pictures in middle of next week of their catches. One thing is for sure, these guys were excited from their toes and up when they got here!

This summer I have experience the average size to be a bit lower than last year, but in the last couple of weeks I´ve heard about some nice fish coming up. At least 3 meterpikes in last week in our area plus my own 3 samples over the 90s in just about 4-5 hours fishing the last two days. The condition of the fish has been great on most of them and they have been pretty strong and good fighters as well.

Also good to know is that we still experience a bit struggle with the massive loads of sea weed on many places, making the fishing a bit hard if you don't use proper baits and techniques.

For knowledge, those of you who want to join Blekinge Pike Festival this year has to apply soon since we see a huge interest this year with a lot of competitors already. Apply at