Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lovely September

We have now pulled away August from our calendars and are welcoming the pike month called September today. Upcoming weekend we will have a lot of fishing guests at Dragsö and hopefully the fishing can be continuously good. Me myself will have a few days of work in the beginning of next week so I will try out some places that I haven't visited for a while. It's allways good and appreciated to be able to give our new guests some tips and hints about where to go when they get here.

Futhermore, we will have time to look over the boats, all equipments and so on so everything is ready for the main autumn season. And remember, It's less than one month until Blekinge Pike Festival and guess if we are loaded to our limits for this! Hopefully we can perform well this year and catch some nice fish. All of our boats and lots of cabins are booked since long time ago. It will for sure be a good experience to meet all like-minded anglers.

Stay updated, I'm sure there will be some nice fish coming up during the week :)