Friday, July 6, 2012

Pikesafari #2 2012


Another week has gone since last post on the blog and during summer this means it's time for another pike safari summary! Yesterday 20 anglers went out to chase our beloved pikes. We had twisting winds from north to north-east around 5-7m/s, not really the best conditions but at least we had some strength in the wind. Very cloudy and the rain was just holding itself on the right side of the clouds, leaving us dry for the whole evening. 

We began the evening on the east side of Karlskrona, just outside the ferry port, Kalsholmen. Fishing was quite good though, me myself caught a 66cm fish in the very first cast and the expectations immediately rised.  

The second and last place we tried out was the whole area of Borgmästarefjärden, just outside Dragsö. And guess what, small rubber baits once again fished better than jerks, at least this evening.    

Totally 21 pikes was caught and winnerfish measured 80,5cm caught by yours truly. Guess if this result made my evening, not so much for being the winnerfish of the pikesafari, but more for beating David, who was really confident of catching a bigger fish than me before we went out. Daniel 1, David 0! 

We still have vacancies for next weeks pikesafari so there is still possibility to join us next week!