Friday, June 29, 2012

Pikesafari #1 2012


As the headline tells, we've just completed our first scheduled pikesafari for this summer! As every year, the first pikesafari is somewhat like a soft start of the pike fishing summer. 5 boats with a total of 15 participants joined us yesterday in the lovely June weather. We had very low winds, approx 2m/s and decreasing the longer we fished. The sun were for sure sympathetic and gave us a nice eveniing in the archipelago.

The great variety of competitors was no exception this night. In my boat I had a very special guest this evening, Ingvar, who joined us for his 86th (!!) pike safari with his daughter. And remember, there is just 7 pike safaris in one summer! We wasn't that lucky when it came to fishing though. A few followers in the calm and clear water but few proper strikes. Overall the results was variating, since one boat came in with 6 pikes and some boats just caught a few ones. Approx 13 pikes were caught but obviously we found the kindergarden this evening since the biggest fish just measured 66cm.

The areas we tried was the islands around Varö, west of Dragsö, whereupon we continued a bit further west to the coastline of Tromtö.

Well this was a summary of yesterdays pikesafari, and if you are in the surrounding area of Karlskrona, don't hesitate to book and follow us upcoming thursdays between 18:00-21:00!