Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pikesafari #4 2012

Saturday morning and my first day off work for a while now. It has become time to write a new summary of the pikesafari which was made the day before yesterday!

This time we was allmost fully booked even though the weather didn't look to good on the whole day before we went off. Light rain was falling allmost the whole day and temperature barely reached 20+ this day. When we went out the rain stopped though and it seemed like the weather gods once again had spared us from the worst weather.

Since we had a lot of boats with us, me and David decided to pick to big areas to insure that all boats could have their on fishing spots. First stop was far out in the archipelago, Bollöarna, which is located between Hasslö and Aspö. The fishing here was terrible this time though, just one or two pikes came up in one hours fishing distributed over 36 anglers. Rumours about a few big followers were told but this time the pikes overshined us.

Second place we tried out was the whole area of Smörpundsholmarna, just south-west of Dragsö. Even here the fishing was quite slow at the beginning. Just about 20 minutes before the end a few boats including mine found some pikes. In total we caught 17 pikes and I really think that 8-9 of those came up during the last minutes. A double strike in my boat and the boat next to us with a third going on as well made up our smiles a bit though!

Back at the camp we discovered that our special guests for this pike safari, a journalist of Swedish fishingmagazine Fiskejournalen, had caught the biggest pike of the day with a length of 74cm, beating the second place pike of 72cm.

Hopefully the pikes will be on a better mood next week, it feels a little bit like they are having a hangover period or something :)

                                                      Young lads with excellent landing and secure fight!


For fishing weather should be perfect or it should be good in which one can fully enjoy fishing..