Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pikesafari #5 2012

So another week is coming to its end and we have acomplished yet another pikesafari last Thursday. With 40 persons, we were fully booked and had a whole bunch of guests who didn't get a place this time. So for avoiding disappointment, make sure to make your reservation in time. 

Continuously, we had finally received sunny weather here in Karlskrona with about 28 degrees and almost no wind. With this conditions in our minds, we thought the fishing was going to be very tough this time. But what a miscalculation from our side. We went to the east side of Karlskrona and fished around the islands of Tvegölja as our first place. In Davids boat, one of the guys had never been fishing pike before. Imagine what? First cast, BAM.. Fish on and a good fight but maybe with a bit lack of experience, the pike won the battle and escaped after a few minutes fight. 

This pike was not the only one out there who obviously wanted to eat today though. Many strikes in both mine and surrounding boats in the first hour of fishing. At first, me and David had in our minds to try fishing in a (hopefully) coloured bay as second place, but with the good results of the first place we decided to go to a somewhat similar place as the first stop. 

With ten boats, we fished the whole area of Kobebus and Bergaholmarna just south of the mainland. This place usually delivers fish and did so this time as well. Back at Dragsö we could sum up a total of 28 pikes this wonderfull evening. If I remember right, the longest one measured 76cm. 

Unfortunate for our dutch returning fishing guests, who joined us for their first pikesafari ever, the evening didn't went that good. Low numbers of pike and a broken steering wire which ended their possibilities of driving the boat a short time before the end of trip. But I think the lads had a pretty nice evening anyway, at least I had close to laugh during the evening :)

Stay well and tight lines!

                                                                                    The one that got away