Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time for some boat scrubbing


Hope you all are doing well in the summer and catching some decent fish. At Dragsö the campsite is full at the moment with happy vacation celebrates. With summer season comes the yearly returning barnacles (small white basterds who sticks to the bottom of all boats.) This dramaticly decreases the speed of the boat so at the moment we are scrubbing all our boats to get prepared for some soon fully booked pike safaris!

We have been trying Karlskronas new boat wash with good result. Fast and effective, exactly as we want it!

Here is a video of the first boat wash.



Haha, looks good Daniel. Saw it last time we were @ the campsite. Funny thing that makes it a lot easier for a lazy Viking ;-) See you in 2 weeks for another vacation with Sandra & Kim. Almost forgot to say... Dominique will join us also this time so prepare yourself.