Monday, July 16, 2012

Pikesafari #3 2012


A bit delayed this week but now it has become time to post the summary of our latest Pikesafari. This time we were fully booked, which means 10 boats and 38 anglers!

Since we had quite hard winds this time, I decided to fish in the nearby area of the mainland. With 10 boats in our company, we fished in a rather big area so all boats could have their own fishing spots. The small island groups of Kobebus and Kurrholmarna gave variating results in the boats. In my boat, we had a few pikes of small size in the boat before we gathered up to continue on to another place.

With tough winds we drove slowly west/north-west to an area called Skillingenäs. I experienced  that the fishing was a bit better here, but still no big ones showed up. In my boat I tried mostly with soft baits while my company in the boat tried hard with different jerkbaits and tailbaits. We almost reached 10 caught pikes in about 2,5 hours, with our biggest measured 70,5cm.

Back at the campsite we summed up the evening and results were variating. Some boats didn't catch a single pike, while some boats almost had a handful of pikes. For the very first time, at least what I know, we got a divided winner since two fish of exactly 70,5cm was caught! Approx 20 pikes got caught in total this time in the hard wind and most of them measured 50-60cm. Unfortunately, we had one guest who experienced how sharp the hooks are, resulting in a hospital visit after the pikesafari. He was on good spirit anyway though since he was sitting in one of the winnerboats, giving him one of our nice Pikesafari winner caps.

We look forward to the next pikesafari on Thursday! We still have availability for those who want to join us so don't hesitate to contact us!

Best Fishes,