Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fishy weekend in October

Rain is literally pouring down outside in Karlskrona area this Sunday in October. Leafs are coming of the trees and birds are migrating to warmer areas. Autumn is running by and actually we are only a couple months away from Christmas. However, pike fishing is still on many anglers minds at this moment. This weekend we had approx 40 anglers on site and three new arrived today for some days of fishing while "everyone else" is working.

Earlier this week I spent two days out on the water. Monday on a solo tour and resulted in 27 pikes caught with a top fish of 95cm. Pikes was mostly biting on soft baits around 17-22cm.

Tuesday was spent with my friend Martin and we had great fun. About 20 pikes caught. No big size pikes but still lots of fun as always!

Results was as most times variating this weekend but maybe even more last few days. Some boats struggled to find even a handful of pikes in one day, while others caught more than 40 fish in a day. A couple of guided tours has been on my schedule last few days with pretty good result. Same group of Swedish guys during Friday and Saturday got to experience a first day with about 30 pikes in the boat, with two big pikes reaching over 7kgs, giving a new personal best in the boat with a pike just under 8kgs (102cm).

Second day was a bit more difficult and in total we reached about 14 fish. Biggest one not measured but probably around 90cm.

About 20 new anglers is scheduled to arrive on Thursday for a weekend of fishing, while at least one more group will arrive during next weekend for a week of fishing.

Bookings are open for 2018 but also for the rest of this season (until the end of November). I hope to see you @ Dragsö soon!

// Daniel Wickman