Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mid autumn update

Hi there fellow readers,

About a week ago Blekinge Pike Festival was ended and lots of anglers left us. It didn't take long until new guests arrived though. During last Thursday we welcomed about 50 anglers who all came for a weekend of fishing. Most of them left today and their results was definitely variating a lot between the boats.

Some groups experienced very picky pikes several days. Other boats did better both in numbers and sizes. Results variated from 1 - 58 pikes caught in one day/boat. When it comes to sizes not many really big fish was coming up but several over +90cm.

During this time of the year I have many guided trips on my schedule. This year is no exception. Last Friday was spent with two Swedish guests. Conditions wasn't great with sparkling sun all day and wind moving around like a clock the days before. Still, we managed to catch 17 pikes in the boat so not very bad. Yesterday I only had a half day trip with returning Swedish guests. Pikes was for sure not willing to bite. Only three pikes was caught and just followers or very picky bites. Fishing isn't always easy :-)

According to several reports, and out of personal experience, best areas last few days has been the outer parts of bays where the depth is about 2.0 - 2.5m.

Pictures down below in this post is from this weekend but also from guests that left us last week and the week before.

From tomorrow I will have a new Swedish group out on the waters for the upcoming three days. Let's see what we can find out there!

// Daniel Wickman