Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blekinge Pike Festival 2017

Hi fellow readers,

During last weekend one of the biggest pike fishing competitions in northern Europe was once again arranged in Blekinge. This year was the 20th year anniversary of Blekinge Pike Festival and as usual we were fully booked at Camp Dragsö. About 490 anglers competed this year and all of them with one target, to catch one pike as long as possible. As always this competition was held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, and you competed individually. Top 20 longest pikes is rewarded with a price and there is also a winner announced for longest fish caught Day 1 + Day 2 together.

This year I was fishing together with Philip from Bläcksquid Inc (Former Stinger Productions) and Martin from Länsstyrelsen. We were out fishing for a day earlier last week and caught more than 40 pikes with a top fish measuring 97cm. We knew were to go during the competition!

Day one started out good with five pikes caught during our first drift. No fish of better size though. We continued to new areas and soon enough we were hooked up with bigger pikes. I caught a 97cm pike and directly afterwards Martin caught a 90cm. During the day we caught more than 20 pikes and I managed to catch a really nice fish of 105cm in extremely good condition! This fish was for sure going to end up in a good position. We enjoyed excellent food in the boat, shared many laughs and jokes. Good times!

Day two: We started at 07:00 this day. Both me and Martin wasn't in our best shape since a few to many beers was shared the night before. Anyhow, we went out and our day started very well. Philip caught a fish in his first cast, drifting over 2m of water. A fish well over 80cm and we were at the right spot. Minutes later Martin had a follower estimated to be more than 100cm. Right after that I caught a 86cm pike and also a 96cm pike. Good sizes and good fishing!

Both days was very windy, about 8-9m/s and maybe +15m/s in squalls from E/NE. We got very wet at some points when water was giving us showers when driving.

Our colleague Willy managed to catch a 93cm but the really big mamas stayed away this time, giving him a 39th place in total. My fish of 105cm gave me a 4th place in total but since I also caught a 96cm on day two, I finished 1st in the competition "Day 1 + Day 2 fish" with a total length of 201cm of those two pikes. The biggest pike overall was 113cm and caught by Andreas Nilsson. Excellent competition :-)

Next weekend will once again be a busy one. About 45 anglers arriving on Thursday for a weekend of fishing. Many guided trips is on my schedule this month, hopefully we can have some great fun out there!

// Daniel Wickman



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