Sunday, October 15, 2017

A weekend to remember

Another weekend is coming to its end and lots of anglers just left us after some days out on the water. As always with fishing there are good days, and there are days not that good. For sure this weekend will end up in the first category.

About 30 anglers has been visiting us during this weekend. A few more groups arrived yesterday for a week of fishing as well. I hope and think they will enjoy some good days out there. Several boats last few days managed to catch 30-40 pikes per day/boat. One group ended up with approx 90 pikes caught in a little less than two days and four anglers. I also received reports of several pikes per group with sizes between 90-100cm. Biggest fish reported by our guests measured 108cm and was caught yesterday.

I had three guided trips this week with a Swedish group. Our days offered very variating results. First day we caught 12 pikes, second day only six pikes, and the last day (Wednesday) we had 27 pikes in the boat with top fish measuring 102cm plus a few more reaching over +90cm. Mainly the fish was found in bay areas with depths between 1,0-2,5m.

Next week will once again be a busy one for us. Around 35 anglers will arrive on Thursday for a weekend of pike fishing. Guests will be coming from Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Germany and Poland.

Weather looks continuously good. Day temperatures ranging between 13-16 degrees, winds from west and water level about 0-30cm above normal. The good thing is that we've had same wind direction and high water level for about a week now and it continues. This is very good for fishing so hopefully it will remain this way for more days.

For me it's going to be a fishy week. A few days off work means fishing, and three guided trips on my schedule will hopefully result in some pike action as well.

We still have vacancy most weeks in November so for those of you interested in experience great autumn fishing for pike, don't hesitate any longer! Just book your trip and enjoy our beautiful archipelago (and the pikes in it)! 

To be back with more reports.

// Daniel Wickman