Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November is here!

October has comed to its end and we welcome November, the last month of autumn fishing in our area. Even though high season for fishing might be over, we still have many more groups to come during the last weeks of this season. About 20 anglers will arrive tomorrow for a long weekend of fishing.

Last week and the beginning of this week has offered very windy days and high water level. A few days ago the water level was reaching over +70cm which is very high. It seems like upcoming days will still offer about +20 to +40cm above normal level. Several days last week gave us wind squalls up to 18m/s which for sure is a bit to much to enjoy good fishing conditions. Therefore, several guests that left us a few days ago experienced hard conditions and not to good results. Still, a few boats managed to catch 10-20 pikes/day even though most of them had less than that.

A few days ago I had a guided trip with a Swedish group of three persons. Even though their pike fishing experiences was close to zero, we enjoyed great fishing and ended up with a total of 34 pikes. Since my guests recently watched the Youtube series 'Pike Fight' we decided to measure our fish to see what our score would reach in our top 5 longest fish. When we ended our day we could sum up a total of 440cm and 95cm as the biggest fish. Good result for sure and happy guests!

Weather at the moment is still offering about 10 degrees in day time and winds will be 5-8m/s in average from W/SW.

In a few days I will go out fishing for two days with friends. It's going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we can enjoy great fishing to!

// Daniel Wickman