Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Promising future

Hi fellow readers,

Last few days I've had friends visiting me for some serious fishing. Therefore, it's about time to share a new catch report for you guys.

My friends Jocke and Stefan have been in Karlskrona a couple of times before but both times unlucky to have very poor conditions. Previous visits we've experienced ice in the bays and/or no winds. It showed up that this time they brought their weather karma once again.

Saturday 11th of March

Our first fishing day was for sure offering us typical "Jocke & Stefan conditions". Sparkling sun, more or less no wind and cold temperature. We tried many spots during the day but with poor activity in most areas. Actually, the night temperature was below zero for a few nights which caused a thin layer of ice in the bays again. This didn't help us out.

We continued to new areas in the afternoon and finally found some fish when the water temperature raised a couple degrees. Fortunately, I managed to catch a very nice lady of 103cm which striked hard over 1,5m of depth. Great fish which made our day a bit more pleasant when it comes to results. In total we only caught nine pikes this day.

Sunday 12th of March

When our alarm screamed at 7am we didn't beleive our eyes. The outside temperature showed -3,7 degrees and we could see from our windows that ice was covering the harbour in Karlskrona and by that also several bays. We decided to snooze for a bit and went out on the water about 9.30am instead. By this time the outside temperature was now up to +3 degrees and a little bit wind from east started to slightly move the water. For sure once again not the easiest conditions.

We decided to go far east this day to a big bay where the ice hopefully didn't cover the water. After a 35 minute boat ride we reached our first spot and discovered four other boats nearby who obviously had the same thinking this day. About 20% of the bay was covered by a thin layer of ice but we still gave it a try. During the first 30 minutes of fishing we didn't have a single contact. After some more time we went in to try the very shallow parts of the bay where the water depth wasn't more than 0,5m. This was a good decision since the first pikes was caught. Not big ones, but still the important first pikes of the day.

Obviously, we didn't find any big fish in the shallow bay so I decided to go to a new area after lunch. After some driving we was at our second spot of the day and this place looked much better. Slightly more wind at this site and we started in about 1,3m of depth. Very soon we caught the first fish in this area and many more was about to be caught upcoming hours. Several times we had double strikes and at one occasion all of us was fighting a fish at the same time. Successful lures was small soft baits such as Pig Shad Jr, Renz-Stein Beastly shad, Shadteez 16cm.

Later in the afternoon the wind stopped again but the pikes continued to bite in the shallow waters. At some places the water depth wasn't more than 0,4m and this gave us some fantastic visible strikes. Several times we were able to see a plow on the surface before the pikes striked our lures. Amazing!

We ended up with an impressive number of 74 pikes caught and this day I caught the biggest fish again. This lady didn't reach all the way to the meter margin but still a nice catch!

Monday 13th of March 

Our last day of fishing for this time and finally it seemed to be better conditions this day. About 3-4m/s from east, +4 degrees in the air and cloudy sky. At the first spot we had some ice but not to much. In the second cast of the day Jocke caught a +80cm pike and immediately we thought that this day was going to rock! We made more drifts in the same area and Jocke had a massive follower expected to be +110cm. Our focus was at top when we continued fishing and soon enough I had huge mouth displaying close to the boat. This is why we fish! A massive mouth visible through the water just inhaling my lure.

At first I thought that the fish was going to be very big but soon enough we could see that the pike wasn't as big as we expected. She measured under the meter margin but was of good condition so for sure a nice catch anyway! After this we caught the pikes at sporadic occasions. One fish, then nothing. Then one more fish. Then nothing.

In the afternoon we decided to go back to the same bay as where we caught many pikes the day before. It didn't take long until we increased our numbers but this time only small pikes was caught here. Still exciting and fun times! We ended up with a total of 28 pikes this day.

This week we have a few anglers coming to us for pre spawn fishing and weather conditions looks very nice. Me and my colleague Andreas will attend the Sportfishing fair in Jönköping where we will be in Visit Blekinges booth during the whole fair. So if you go there, come to see us and have a chat! :)

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman


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