Sunday, March 26, 2017

A double of success!

Hi fellow readers,

The official opening weekend of fishing has now comed to its end. Therefore, it's about time to share a report with you!

About 30 anglers arrived last Thursday for a weekend of fishing. Most of our guests arrived early and was able to fish for about 3-7 hours on the first day. Not to many reports was shared after the first day but the best result I heard off was approx 15 pikes in one boat.

During Friday morning I joined a group of Swedish guests that came to us for their first time. For sure we were dealing with some hard conditions. About 1 degree in the air when we drove out and at the first site there was actually ice covering about 1/4 of the bay. About -2,5 degrees during the night caused the water temperature to drop approx 2-4 degrees, in some areas enough to create ice (obviously!).

At the first site we didn't catch any pikes. The wind was absent as well so I decided to keep looking in areas where the water was a bit murky. Second and third place of the tour still resulted in nothing. And you know what? The fourth, the fifth and the sixth area didn't result in anything at all either. For the first time in my guide career we didn't catch a single fish in our four hour trip. Sure the conditions was really poor, but a zero result in Karlskrona? Not what I nor my guests expected...

During the afternoon the wind strength increased a lot and finally the pikes started to bite for our guests. Some boats reached over 20 pikes per boat with several +90cm pikes reported. Most of them of very good condition.

Saturday offered way much better conditions since air temperature was 7 degrees already in the early morning and much more wind with some clouds moving in. Around lunch time I received the first report since a group of returning guests managed to catch an impressive number of 62 pikes in just about 5 hours, 4 anglers! Several of these measured over +90cm. Minutes later I was reached with yet another great report since a Swedish group caught the first +10kg pike of the season. 103cm and 10,7 kilos. A pure fat pike mama for sure!

During Saturday several boats did good out there and I think most guests enjoyed their time on the water. Excellent spring weather and this combined with good fishing is a hard to beat combination. For a group of guests from Denmark it was also a day to remember. A very fat pike of 103cm was caught by a first time visitor. The fish remained unweighed but most probably this fish was somewhere around 10 kilos or more. Great fish again!

This morning only a few boats went out on the water and did so in quite difficult conditions. No wind, about 2 degrees and sunny. According to what I heard no big fish was caught in the morning before all the weekend guests left us for this time.

Most probably spawning will get started in a week or so, depending on the weather. Still, there will be a good chance to catch a pre spawn fatty for some time. I will try my luck tomorrow with my colleague Willy. To be back with a report next week!

// Daniel Wickman