Thursday, March 23, 2017

Season has started!

Hi guys!

Finally we have entered spring fishing season for real. Today we welcomed about 30 anglers and many of them are out on the water in the same moment as I write this post. This weekend our fishing guests is representing Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

Currently the weather situation offer our guests bright sun, low winds and about normal water level. We're going to have a bit more wind later on this weekend and I really think that it's well needed to experience good fishing. Anyhow, it will be very interesting to see what the first official opening weekend will give us.

Last weekend me and Andreas went to the Sportfishing fair in Jönköping for three days. Together with other sportfishing companies from Blekinge we promoted our camps in the booth of the organisation Visit Blekinge. Very fun days with a new visitor record of 14.752 over the three days. Great interest in fishing and it's always so nice to meet all like-minded anglers out there for a chat. In our booth this year we also had company of a semi-finalist in this years episode of Swedish Masterchef, Patrik Trydefeldt. He cooked extraordinary small dishes for us and all the other visitors. A great addition to the whole experience for sure!

My friend Philip from Stinger Productions made a nice video from the fair. Check it out!

Earlier this week I went out for a half day trip on my own. Low winds, sun and a bit low water level. For sure not the best conditions but why not try it out! I went out about 09:00 and tried an area where I know big fish is around. I spent most of my time this day drifting in the same area and I caught six pikes with a top fish of 93cm and two more of more than +85cm. Not to bad but not very good either. Simply a nice session on the water!

Tomorrow is my first guided trip of this season. Let's see what we can find during our half day trip!

// Daniel Wickman


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