Friday, July 31, 2015

Pikesafari #6 2015

Hi there!

Yesterday we arranged this summers sixth pikesafari and it was once again a fully booked tour which means 10 boats and 40 anglers. For once the weather conditions looked good with moderate winds between 4-7m/s from SW/W and cloudy. Water temp was around 16-17 degrees and just a few degrees warmer in the air.

We went far west this time to the islands called Ivö, Utö and Ekeskär just south of Tromtö. Several boats started to battle fish directly and my boat as well. My first cast gave one pike, second cast a bite, third cast another pike but still small ones. I was accompanied by a Swedish family this time with two youngsters and their dad.

At first stop we managed to catch 5 pikes in my boat and we also heard that another boat was already up to 9 pikes in the first hour of fishing. Excellent numbers!

Second site was closer to the city. To be more specific we fished the area between Kobebus and Bergaholmarna which is located just south of the city. Fishing continued to be good and we managed to catch a total of 10 pikes just in my boat. Fish was caught on classic wobblers, Relax 6'' in motoroil, Real eels and more. Overall there was lucky anglers that came back to Dragsö after some hours on the water.

Back at Dragsö we summed up a total of fantastic 50 pikes on 40 anglers and my colleague Jakob caught the biggest fish of 81cm, while my boat caught a 78cm.

// Daniel Wickman