Friday, July 10, 2015

Pikesafari #3 2015

Hi there!

So another week has been passing by since our last post and this means it's time to post another pikesafari summary! Weather in Karlskrona has been crazy since last week. During Saturday and Sunday we had really warm temperatures, up to 32 degrees and almost no wind. Sunny days and many many boats out in the archipelago. When this week started, weather changed dramatically and just like that temperatures dropped to below 20 degrees in daytime and very windy. For 5 straight days we'vre had average wind strength of approx 9-11m/s and up to more than 20m/s in squalls.

Yesterday was no different from previous days. Only up to 18 degrees and up to 18m/s in squalls. Just when we were about to leave Dragsö at 18:00 rain was starting to pour down on us. Tough conditions for sure and not the best for pike fishing either. Since wind was strong from west I decided to go to islands Koholmen, Mjölnareholmen and Basareholmen which are located just east of town.

With 9 boats this area gave us good space to fish for a little more than one hour. Fishing was difficult due to the strong winds since it was very hard to get a grip with anchor at any site. A few pikes was caught though but the action in my boat was not to much to cheer for. This day I had 3 young lads following in my boat and they all tried good to catch some pikes. First site only gave 1 pike for our boat and size wasn't even worth mentioning.

Second site for this evening was the whole Borgmästarfjärden which is the area between Dragsö and city of Karlskrona. A lot more comfortable for sure since this area is a bit wind protected. Fishing wasn't great here either but one of the lads in my boat caught his first pike in the end of this tour. Again size wasn't great but still a nice experience!

Since Jakob was home with a cold, Willy followed this pikesafari to help me out with all the boats. Everything worked good and guests seemed to have a nice time overall even though the total score was not more than 17 pikes on 35 anglers.

Biggest pike of this evening measured 86cm and actually 2 pikes more measured above 80cm mark so it was a tight race on the goal line. Anders and Janne with company received winner caps and replaced their old ones.

Now we hope to have better weather conditions next week!

I also received a report from Ludwig, a young Swedish lad who joined in for pike safari last week. His family rented a boat from us and they did some fishing on their own. Ludwig caught 14 pikes during 2 days and biggest fish measured a bit over 6kgs and 90cm. He also sent me a few pictures and they can be seen down below!

// Daniel Wickman