Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Action in July

Hi guys,

So finally it's time to share a little fishing report from some of my days of work. Last couple of days has been spent on water. Sunday for an afternoon scout and Monday together with my friend and many time visitor Jakob. During Sunday I tried the outer part of archipelago and did so with good results. Weather was far from normal in July since both air and water temp was 14-15 degrees and strong winds up to 17m/s in squalls from west.

I was fishing upon a weed bed of 1,5-3 meters with a Big Mcrubber in motoroil colour, shallow rigged. During first 30-45 minutes I managed to catch a few decent pikes of 94, 86, 83, 82 and 81cm. All of them striked almost up in the surface so several times you could see a shadow coming behind your lure just to strike hard the next second. I ended up with about 13 pikes in about 4 hours.

The day before yesterday I fished together with Jakob as I wrote earlier. We went out for a few hours in the morning and also a few hours in the evening. In total we ended up with 18 pikes and the longest pike measured 87cm. We tried both in the outer and middle part of the archipelago. Most pikes was caught on Wolf Tail Jr, Real eel 30cm, McTail with bigtail and Big Mcrubber in motoroil.

Weather is still cold for being July so hopefully we will have good results tomorrow on the pikesafari!

// Daniel Wickman