Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pikesafari #4 2015

Hi guys!

A slightly delayed summary this week, but that's how it is when the camp is being very busy with more than 1300 guests staying with us at the moment.

The day before yesterday we went out for this summers fourth pikesafari and we did it with 8 boats and 32 anglers. Weather conditions was a bit hard for beginners since wind was strong from SW with 8m/s in average and up to 15m/s in squalls and decreasing strength during the night. The sun was shining and temperature this time was about 21 degrees.

We decided to go east of Karlskrona city and begun around Verkö and Tvägölja island. Wind caused some big waves out there and it was literally a battle to fish against what mother earth brought us. In my boat I was accompanied by two young lads with their grand father in Helmersson family. We had several contacts and fish in the boat during the first stop on different lures such as classic jerk baits and real eels. About 5 fish in our boat and other boats seemed to have some pike action as well.

After about an hour we continued to the same area as last week. This means we tried our luck between Basareholmen, Mjölnareholmen and Kalsholmen. Since the wind direction came from S/SW the city of Karlskrona gave us a bit of protection from the worst waves. On our way there I think everyone got a bit of a shower from the Baltic sea since wind combined with the high waves brought some heavy showers over board. Anyhow, In my boat I managed to catch a 88cm pike almost directly on the new site and immediately we understood that this might be a winner pike.

We continued on and caught a few fish. Not as good as the first place but still some activity. A neighbour boat started to yell and we could see from distance that they caught a decent pike. Our second instructor Jakob was also nearby and helped out to assist them with photos and measurement.

Back at Dragsö it showed up that their pike measured about 85cm so it was a tight call between their and my fish. The company in my boat received winner caps and left with smiles on their faces. In total we reached 27 pikes and 88cm as our biggest of the day.

Next week is almost fully booked already so we will most probably use a total of 10 boats and 40 anglers! Looking forward to it and maybe, maybe there will be a report from fishing on my own in the beginning of next week :)

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman