Friday, July 24, 2015

Pikesafari #5 2015

As usual time is flying away and it's already time to write another pikesafari summary. Yesterday was our fifth safari of this summer and we were fully booked almost a week in advance. Unfortunately, 5 persons in the same group made a very late cancellation and by that stopped other anglers from participating since many guests wanted to join this week.

So in total we were 10 boats and 35 persons going out. Once again weather gods wasn't on our side. Very windy again with average of 9m/s and squalls up to 17m/s from SW/S. This is hard weather conditions even for me so you can understand how difficult these conditions might be for beginners.

I decided to go west of Dragsö to the area between Svinön and Ramsö island. A bit wind protected but still waves and water kept coming over board due to the strong winds. At the first site I managed to catch a small ''cucumber'' quite fast on a Relax 6'' Motoroil. We moved a bit and had one more pike on the first site and also a few more bites. Some other boats did good and 4 pikes at best in one of the boats.

After one hour we continued a bit more west to the area between Haglö island, Skillingenäs and Varö island. Conditions got a bit better since wind strength decreased a little and made our last 45 minutes a bit more comfortable. We managed to catch a few more pikes in my boat and also lost a couple by the boat, no big ones though.

With about 45 minutes left I had a phone call from a guest who were unlucky enough to join the propeller breaking club. All those Propulse blades are now on the bottom of the baltic sea. To be honest, It's a pleasure to be able to tease season stay guest Anders for being part of the propeller breaking club now :-)

Since we didn't go to far we could fish for a little more than one hour on second site before we headed back to Dragsö. We summed up the evening at Dragsö and in total we caught 25 pikes but the big ones didn't show themselves this evening. Biggest pike measured 75cm so a lot of the other pikes was in kinder size.

Now I will pray to the weather gods for more pleasant conditions next week as we expect to be fully booked and 40 anglers.

Take care guys and thanks for reading!

// Daniel Wickman