Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pikesafari #2 2014

Hi to you all,

It's become time to post another pike safari summary since we earlier tonight completed our second safari of this season.

This evening 21 anglers joined in for some fishing. With really strong winds from S-SW my options of where to go was quite limited. Squalls up to 15m/s and a lot of beginners with poor boat experience in an archipelago like ours is not really making my options any better. Therefore, I decided to stay fairly close to the city.

First stop was just east of the city around the islands Basareholmen and Karlsholmen. In my boat I had a german guest and two young Swedish lads. First stop delivered 3 quick pikes with a top of 75cm but after that pikes just wasn't ready to dance. We tried several different lures and spots but nothing seemed to work.

After a little more than an hour we went inside the wind protected area between city and Dragsö called 'Borgmästarfjärden'. Just about one hour was spent here before we went back to Dragsö again to sum up the evening. We only managed to catch one more pike in my boat at last place but when we got back to Dragsö I was told about a 85cm caught during the very last minutes. This pike showed up to be the longest of this evening so Görgen and his friends was rewarded with nice pike safari winner caps!

Lastly, we can say that we all got ourselves good amounts of fresh air and water sprinkles during the evening! Not more than 9 pikes in total so we hope to break that by far next week!

// Daniel Wickman