Friday, July 11, 2014

Pikesafari #3 2014


Another weekend is approaching and yesterday it was once again time for another pike safari. With a full campsite more guests were following this time. 9 boats and 35 anglers in total to be more precise.

Yesterday we had strong winds from N-NE which made our plans a bit more complicated than usual. About 9m/s in average and up to 14m/s in squalls. Since we got quite limited in possible areas to go to, we decided to stay close to the coastline. First stop of the evening was Tvegölja just south of Verkö. At this place no boats did really well with best boat catch no more than 2 pikes.

After a little more than one hour we continued just a bit west to Mjölnareholmen/Kalsholmen and those islands which are located very close the the city. With hard winds pushing in fishing was quite hard to be honest. In my boat 2 young lads and their dad followed for their second time. Within the last 20 minutes we increased our numbers from only 2 pikes to 5 and also a few more strikes missed. Our biggest measured 79cm and 75cm. Fun thing is that most pikes was caught on different lures. A few on Mctail with bigtail (40cm), classic Hi-Lo wobbler and spoons.

Just before 9pm we went back to Dragsö to sum up. Results were variating but a total of 22 pikes was caught overall. Obviously winner pike measured 1 centimeter longer than the 79cm pike thas was caught in my boat so 80cm was top fish of the night.

Now I really hope that weather gods can give us decent forecast for next week so that we can enjoy fishing in more comfortable conditions. We shouldn't complain about or ride back to Dragsö though which gave us a beutiful sunset!

// Daniel Wickman