Friday, July 18, 2014

Pikesafari #4 2014

Hi fellow readers,

We're in the middle of Swedish summer now and our camping is very busy. Of course fully booked camping and so even the pike safari. Unfortunately we had to say no to several guests since all spots were taken a few days before the safari.

With sunny weather, 24 degrees in the air and comfortable winds of 4-7m/s from south-west. These conditions gave me and David some great opportunities to choose fishing locations. Since the outer part of archipelago has been delivering decent sized fish lately we decided to go to Hasslö as our first stop yesterday.

It wasn't just a regular pike safari yesterday and this for a very special occation. Ingvar and Marie-Louise who follows everytime made their individual 100th pike safari and I had the honour to go with them yesterday. They've been attending pike safaris since year 2000 so this is their 14th year to join! Local journalists were also interested about this fact so they went here yesterday to make an article.

Anyway, at the first stop I told my guests "So one cast, one fish right?" and this showed up to be correct. No more than 2 seconds later I hooked a decent fish that measured 81cm. Most pikes was fighting really well and the first one was no exception.

We caught 5 pikes at the first place in my boat before we gathered up and went to Kobebus just south of the city. At this place we continued to catch fish and ended up with 8 caught pikes plus a bonus perch of good size.

Back at Dragsö we could sum up a total of 28 pikes and actually the first pike caught in my boat of 81cm showed up to be the longest of the day. This gave special anniversary guests Ingvar and Marie-Louise another pair of winner caps! They have now won 12 times out of 100 safaris.

Will be back in one week with another pike safari summary!

The last picture is a pike that I caught earlier this week and measured around 107cm. Beautiful isn't she?!

// Daniel Wickman