Friday, July 25, 2014

Pikesafari #5 2014

Hi pike enthusiasts,

Another week has been passing by since I last wrote and this means it's time for a new pike safari summary. Yesterday we arranged this years fifth safari out of seven. For sure the warmest safari so far with approx 30 degrees in air and 22+ in water. Maybe not the best conditions for pike fishing but for sure a pleasure to be out there!

We were fully booked once again and actually more than fully booked after a minor reservation failure. So this time we went out with 11 boats and 41 anglers this beautiful evening. As our first stop we stayed at islands Ivö, Utö, Ekeskär and south Tromtö. In my boat today I had guests from Denmark. Our first stop was successful and we caught 4 pikes quickly even though no pikes measured good numbers.

Continuously we moved on to Smörpundsholmarna, also called "Dangerous islands" by our guests, as our second stop of this safari. I experienced fishing to be really hard since a lot of vegetation was present at this place. All the grass and other seaweed made it very hard to make casts and fish properly.

We stayed for about 50 minutes and then gathered up to go back. A little delayed we summed up the results and happenings of this safari. A total of 30 pikes was caught and at first we thought that longest pike was going to be 83cm but it showed up that one even longer fish of 95cm was caught, photographed and released. Even more fun when winner was a young girl accompanied with her dad. Fish was caught just about 15 minutes before the end.

Another successful pike safari is to its end and we already have 3 boats booked for next week. Hopefully there will be some reports of my private fishing and results before next safari summary!

Take care and thank you for reading!

// Daniel Wickman


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