Friday, June 27, 2014

Pikesafari #1 2014

Hi to you all fellow readers,

Yesterday we arranged our first pike safari of the year. Always popular and so nice to go out with mostly newbies and show them our waters and what the archipelago looks like.

Weather didn't look to good just a few hours before premiere of the year. Lightning for several hours and rain was literally pouring down. Unfortunately, this caused quite a few cancellations since guests thought weather was going to be to disturbing. But gosh, weather gods really smiled at us this evening since rain stopped an hour before we went out.

With only 4 boats and 14 anglers I decided to go out on my own with this group. First stop was between islands Haglö and Varö. In my boat I had two young guys with their grandpa. We begun really good and had lots of contacts directly. The big pikes didn't show up though but still a lot of fun!

After a little more than one hour I decided to move to a new area. Second place of the evening was a little bit closer to Dragsö. We tried between south tip of Ramsö and east Svinön.

With almost no wind anymore fishing got a bit harder but still we caught fish. Remarkable how weather changed in just a few hours because by this time, fishing was really comfortable with light clouds and sufficient temperature.

After a little more than one hour we drove back to Dragsö to sum up this very first pike safari of season 2014. In showed up that my boat caught most amounts with 14 pikes in a little more than 2 hours of fishing. Our longest pike measured not more than 58 centimeters so as you might understand, this was an evening with play in the kindergarden.

The other boats wasn't as successful as my boat this evening. One boat caught 3 while the other boats had 1 respective 0 in the boat. The guys who didn't catch to well this evening lost an estimated meter+ pike though by the boat.

Longest pike of this evening measured not more than 60 centimeters and total amount was 18 pikes.

Now we wish you all a very nice weekend and will be back with a new  pikesafari summary next week!

// Daniel Wickman