Saturday, September 2, 2017

Autumn fishing has started!

It feels almost like being a kid on Christmas. Fishing season is here! Therefore it's for sure about time to give an update regarding fishing in our area.

This is the first official fishing season weekend of the autumn and we're currently having about 50 anglers on Dragsö. About 60 guests from Poland but not all of them is here for fishing only.

Earlier this week I went out for some evening fishing with a trainee from the Sportfishing academy. We tried far out in the archipelago and had pretty good results! My second cast gave a strong +85cm fish and just after it another fish in about the same size. Kevin was soon hooked up with a better fish. For sure +90cm in stunning condition and awesome colour of the fish. Unfortunately, this lady knew how to deal with anglers and managed to spit out the lure just before Kevin could reach it. Even more unfortunate was that the treble hook went straight into Kevin's hand. After a quick surgery in the boat I managed to get the hook out of his hand and we could continue fishing. We ended up with nine pikes in just a few hours! Beastly tail did the trick (again!).

Local angler Felix shared some nice pictures on his Instagram account earlier this week. A 110cm + 103cm pike was caught in the archipelago a few days ago. Congratz!

Yesterday I had the first guided trip of autumn season together with a returning Swedish group. We tried in the east part of the archipelago, both in bays and at the coastline. Nine pikes was caught and we counted the amount of followers and bites to be 40. So in total we had contact with almost 50 pikes but they just didn't want to bite hard this day.

Also, yesterday one of the rental boats caught 25 pikes, most of them in a bay close to Dragsö. Not to bad!

Unfortunately, wind has now changed to be north and will continue to be like that for a few days. Most of times north winds is not what we prefer for pike fishing but we've been proven wrong regarding this many times, so we'll see what the results will be for our guests in a few days!

To be back with more reports next week.

// Daniel Wickman