Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mid September update

New week and time for a new report regarding latest days of fishing. Earlier this week I went out fishing together with my colleague Willy and also Philip (Stinger Productions). Clouds was covering the sky all day long and some very light rain was falling during some parts of this Tuesday. We begun in a big bay where we know big fish is around but this day we didn't find them here. Only a few small followers showed up so we continued to a new area after about an hour.

At our second stop we finally found active pikes. The average size of these pikes was very low and many laughs was shared when pikes between 20-40 centimeters was coming up frequently. We for sure found the kindergarden of pikes! However we also caught two pikes just under 90cm which is considered to be a decent size even for us. In about six hours of fishing we caught 35 pikes so the amounts was quite good this day!

With north winds, cold night temperatures and not much sun lately, water temperature has now dropped to be more "autumn friendly" temperatures. About 12-14 degrees in most areas at the moment.

This weekend we've had about 25 anglers for a fishing weekend and a few more coming for a week of fishing. Most groups that left today experienced slow fishing. Weather has been terrible with lots and lots of rain. Both Friday and Saturday was raining and during some parts of these days there was no wind at all. Not easy but some boats did OK with approx 10-15 pikes in one boat, one day.

Lemestre arrived yesterday, a guest who has been visiting us for many years and comes every autumn. They always spend a lot of time on the water and knows where and how to fish. Yesterday they caught 22 pikes in a half day and today they had 25 pikes during the first half of today. Really good since conditions is a bit of a challenge.

About three weeks left until Blekinge Pike Festival (Blekinge Gäddfestival). Still we have some availability at Camp Dragsö and it's still possible to apply for this competition.

Upcoming week looks promising with 5-8m/s wind most days and cloudy skies. Let's hope that the forecast for once is correct :-)

And hey! Don't forget to contribute in our annual photo competition! If you have visited us this year, please send us your best, your funniest, or craziest (?) photos and take the chance of winning a unique handmade lure by Jenzza Lures. Winner announced on Facebook 1st of December. Pictures can be sent to or

// Daniel Wickman


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