Sunday, September 3, 2017

A good start of autumn!

Hi guys!

The first weekend of September is coming to its end and during last few days we've had almost 50 anglers on site from Poland, Sweden and Denmark. All of them have now left Dragsö for this time and a few nice reports was shared with us.

The biggest fish this weekend was caught by a returning Swedish group, Eliasson with friends. They've been visiting us several times before with the target to catch a meter pike and finally they succeeded. A 110cm was caught today and the lads also caught a 94cm and 92cm pike during their stay. Not to bad!!!

Guests from Poland had variating results with best boat reaching 25 pikes in one day. Many guests reported about good amounts of followers but hard to make them strike. After a slow summer it feels good to hear that there has been some activity in the start of autumn season. Let's hope that pikes are willing to dance upcoming weeks.

A bit surprising was that best results was reported from a few bays, not around the islands or outer part of archipelago. Water temperature is still high in shallow areas, about 18-20 degrees while it's a few degrees less in the outer parts. Still a lot of vegetation ("spaghetti weeds") around islands so those of you who will come to us within the next weeks, bring some weedless hooks, they will come to use! In most bays there is no problem at all but many areas in middle/outer parts of the archipelago have frustrating amounts of weeds.

Next weekend we will have about 20 anglers coming for a weekend or week of fishing. Temperatures will stay around 16-20 degrees with north winds upcoming days, and south-west later in the week.

Thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman