Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September to its end and BGF up next!

Hi guys!

Once again a bit delayed report from us since it's been some busy days for us. Several guided trips since last post and during last weekend we were almost fully booked. Both new and returning guests tried their luck for a week or weekend. Several different nations were represented this time since guests came from Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Germany and Hungary.

As always results variated a lot between the boats but several pikes over +100cm was caught. Returning Swedish guests in Larsson company caught a fat beauty of 101,5cm just to name one of the nice pikes that was caught. They also helped us out with participating during one of their days in a video that we currently are making with skilled lads Philip & Axel from Stinger Productions. Next year we will have ourselves a nice little video to present our camp in a more modern way than pictures and texts. So keep your eyes open but of course it will take some time to finalize this little piece of magic.

I also had some days of work and these were spent with Philip (and Axel one of the days) on the water. Unfortunately weather gods wasn't cooperating with us since we had no winds to talk about and sun was most of time very strong to our faces... Luckily, we managed to catch a few decent pikes in a shallow bay where the water was a bit murky. We caught about 20 pikes in an afternoon with two pikes over and around the 90cm margin on top.

Yesterday was also spent on water but conditions were even worse with glassy water due to no wind and no clouds to talk about. We tried our best but fishing was tough. In total we caught 17 pikes with a fish of 90cm on top. Many nice pikes around 80-83cm was caught in the outer part of archipelago though and they all fighted very well.

Currently, water temperature is about 11-15 degrees in most areas. Still most big fish seems to be caught in shallow bays but also around islands close to bays. Biggest fish during Sportfish Masters competition in Karlskrona a couple of days ago was caught just minutes west from us and measured 112cm.  

In just a few days our camp will be very busy once again since it's time for Blekinge Pikefestival on October 3-4th. Around 320 anglers will start from our camp and hopefully we can catch some nice pikes for this competition. This year I'll be fishing with my boss Andreas and our friend Patrik as usual, and also new colleague Jakob. We'll try to post some reports during this weekend on the blog and Facebook/Instagram :)

Don't forget that we're open until the end of November this year and many weekends in November is still open for reservations! Experience Blekinge and Karlskrona at its best!

// Daniel Wickman