Sunday, September 6, 2015

Photo competition!

Hi guys!

So with autumn season started It's for sure about time to inform about our photo competition again. Every year with start from this year we will have a photo competition where the price is a special handmade lure from local bait creator Jenzza Lures. Fantastic creature and one of a kind. You can see this lure on the picture below.

So, how to compete? It's easy (at least if you catch a big pike)! If you catch a pike over 100cm during your stay; send us pictures of the pike and also one picture with the fish on a measuring stick. The longest pike registered in the competition before 30th of November 2015 will win the price and is to be announced on our Facebook page and blog. To keep this competition exciting we will not tell who the current leader is nor how long the fish is. The only thing I can say is that the current leader fish is more than 100cm long :-)

Me myself have been of work during this weekend on a bachelor party so I have not received to many catch reports yet. Amounts seems to be continuously good but harder to catch the monsters.

Temperature continues to decrease and today we have not more than 12-13 degrees in the air and about 15 degrees in the water.

This week we have returning guests from Belgium at our camp and many guests to come on Thursday for a weekend of fishing in Karlskrona. Hopefully I will have some time over to make a few casts during upcoming days to see if any archipelago crocodiles are willing to bite :)

// Daniel Wickman


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