Monday, March 30, 2015

Spawning is here

Hi guys,

New week and a new report to share with you guys! Not much time spent on water last few days to be honest but at least a short afternoon session yesterday. Since I only had a few hours to fish I decided to stay close to Dragsö and its surrounding bays. Several guests reported about slow fishing last few days with few decent pikes and rather low numbers for being Karlskrona. With these facts in mind, I didn't set my expectations to high.

First drift resulted in 3 strikes where only one small cucumber decided to stay on the hooks. Went for a new drift in the same area and soon a 91cm fish was caught. Nice! It was a good fight as well so great fun so far. I continued on drifting in a big bay over 1,5-2m of water with strikes regularly on my Mc Rubbers from Svartzonker. I was surprised to see no other boats around on a Sunday in this area but just minutes later another boat showed up a few hundred meters away. When I moved my eyes to the other boat insted of my line, a good strike almost pulled the rod out of my hands (well at least it felt like it). The fish started to swim towards my boat so I needed to reel fast to not lose this fish.

Soon enough she stopped by the boat and started to pull out line instead and forced her way to the bottom which always is a nice sign! The fish wasn't as big as she felt, but just under the meter and for sure still a good fish! What I didn't see at first was the fact that this lady dropped many eggs in the boat. A better sign of spawning can't be seen. But, for those of you who will fish our waters upcoming couple of weeks, pikes can still be caught of course. Not all pikes are spawning at the same time and water is still from 3,5-7 degrees - pikes ready to eat will be possible to catch for sure!

Anyway, I felt satisfied and quitted fishing with 7 pikes caught and as many lost ones. Another report will be posted later on with guest pictures from Andy (Sportfishing Dalsland) who visited us during this weekend with some friends. Their top fish measured 97cm and he also reported about some great fun out there. Thank you for your visit!

Easter is coming up and at least 11 boats will be out during the end of this week. More reports to follow :)

// Daniel Wickman