Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mouse in the house

Some of you guys might already know it by now but a few days ago we received a big load of MOUSE spin/jerk fly lures. Personally I'm very impressed with this lure and have been so for several years now. Skilled angler Tony created these pike candy flies many years ago and tied them by hand which in the beginning took several hours for each fly.

I started to fish with these creations about 3 years ago and many of you guests that have been joining on guided tours have seen me used these lures with success. Finally MOUSE is available on the big market as well and we are the first shop in Sweden to sell these. 6 colours is available and in two different sizes. 22cm is the regular model and for those who believe in bigger lures we also have a 30cm available.

In my opinion this lure is a must have for fishing in Blekinge archipelago (and for many other waters). Easy to cast and good quality "fly" since they are hand made! MOUSE have a very specific action and can be fished very shallow or used at greater depths if you add a small weight on your swivel.

MOUSE 22 cm - Approx weight when wet is 50 grams
MOUSE 30 cm - Approx weight when wet is 70 grams

Watch following video to see the fantastic action that pikes cannot refuse!

// Daniel Wickman