Monday, March 16, 2015

Monsters and a little this with a little that

Hi fellow readers,

A new week is here and it's actually our opening week! On Thursday we will unlock our doors and welcome our first guests of the year. Fishing is still very good both in numbers and sizes. More and more boats are seen out on the waters for every weekend that passes by and more boats there will be! At the moment we are now having 20 boats in our fleet and several of our most popular weekends in April and May are fully booked.

Well enough about that! What else is happening at the moment? A lot of building is going on at Camp Dragsö since 5 new cabin suites are in process to be done in less than 3 months from now. Much work behind the scene with the boats to make them ready for upcoming season and any day now we will start to mount new Lowrance chart plotters on our boats.

Today we also said hello to a trainee from Swedish Sportfishing academy, Jakob, who will be around for a month so for you who have a scheduled visit to us shortly, don't hesitate to say hi to him!

I also have a catch report to share with you guys! Went out yesterday for a long trip. Of course I was out to track down a beauty, preferentially a fat one. My bag was prepared with coffee and other essential complements to make a full day out there on my own. Fishing started out rather slow in the N/NE winds but soon enough some small cucumbers started to bite. After about an hour I got a lazy strike on my Mcrubber in a spinning stop. I saw the fish when she striked about 10m from the boat and immediately understood that it was a better sized fish even though she didn't act like one in the beginning. Soon enough she was secured in the net and ready for some quick photos and measurement. Length was set to 96cm and with a belly ready for spawning very soon.

I continued on and caught a few pikes here and there. After lunch I got my next chance to catch a B I G fish. I tried to go a bit deeper and moved outside the bays to go for 3m of depth. Just a few casts and a massive fish showed up behind my lure from far distance. I fished my McRubber just 30cm from the surface and the fish continued to follow my lure from about 7-10m distance to my boat. The closer this monster came the more frustrated I got. Goose bumps appeared on my whole body while I estimated the fish to be at least +115cm and with a super wide back like a bull! She followed all the way to the boat just to disapear to deeper waters when she realized that something wasn't correct with her potential piece of lunch. God Damnit!!

Continued on after a long time casting for the monster without success and managed to catch a few decent pikes. When my day was over I could sum up 17 pikes with top fish of 96, 93 and 88cm. A lot of fun but it really sucks to get defeated by a Karlskrona monster... Next time, Ms. Pike!

// Daniel Wickman