Monday, March 9, 2015

Another fishy weekend

Hi guys!

Back at work after a nice weekend without any working duties. Of course days off means time on water and this weekend was no exception. Saturday I went out together with my friend Ola for a whole day out in the beautiful archipelago. Very windy and cloudy all day but pikes didn't bother. We tried several bays from 0,4-2,5m and most places delivered throughout the day.

In a few hours time I managed to rush in the lead to 8-3 in amounts with McRubber and Mouse spinning fly as most successful lures. Ola continued on with Söderjiggen and Wolftail Jr in tånglake (eelpout) colour with variating results. It didn't take to long until he was back in numbers and after lunch score was equalized, 11-11. One of Ola's pikes was a beauty of 96cm.

Late in the afternoon we drifted in a bay where I've caught big fish previous years. Conditions looked good and I had a big strike immediately but without setting the hooks. Therefore I dropped in our achor to make some more casts but this didn't deliver anything so soon we were drifting again. Just a few minutes later my McRubber was brutally attacked by something big in the surface. A massive head and open mouth was the only thing I saw before my rod bended like never before and I shouted to Ola "10 KILO PLUS! 10 KILO PLUS! GET THE NET!"

The fish was fighting good but very soon I managed to see the fish properly and got a bit disappointed. This was for sure an old lady with her better days in the past. Huge head but thin back and body. Soon she was secured in the net and my McRubber was totally inhaled. 22cm lure but nothing visible from the outside as you can see on the picture below. She measured 105cm and after some quick photos she swam back to her home.

This fish was remarkably similar to a fish that former trainee Anton caught at our camp about 2,5 years ago. The pike he caught measured around 95cm and was caught about 3km east of where I caught my fish. Probably not the same pike, but still funny! See pictures below.

And by the way, we caught 25 pikes in total with score 14-11 on my behalf...

Season is approaching fast and soon we will host our first guests for the season. Excited!

// Daniel Wickman

                                                                    Ola and his 96cm pike

Strange colours.. Pike swam to Chernobyl?

105 cm of love

Anton with same coloured pike, 95cm, 2,5 years ago