Sunday, August 11, 2013

Autumn season is approaching

Sunday afternoon and I'm looking in my calendar and I find out that summer is more or less over by now. Officially, we are in fishing season now and our campsite is open until the 15th of October. A little more than 8 weeks of fishing is ahead of us with most guests arriving in the middle of September.

Every evening from now is starting to feel a little cold even though we still use shorts outside most days. Daytime temperatures has dropped a bit lately so these days we get about 18-23 degrees in daytime, which is approximately the same temperature as it is in the water. In the bay of Dragsö the temperature today is 22 degrees. As you might understand, this is not really preferable for the pikes but soon enough we expect to get better conditions for fishing. Last two weeks hasn't been to good... But better times to come!

For a whole week now we are getting strong winds from west/south-west. Today 9m/s in average and so it will be for the rest of the week. Squalls of up to 16m/s will be registered as well so for sure hard fishing conditions but this will bring good oxygen levels to the water. Hopefully this might result in a pike bonzana in 5-7 days. At least that's what I think!

Will be off work for a few days upcoming week so of course some time will be spent on water. Should be very interesting. Either the fishing will be very poor, but it could also be very good if you find the spots where pikes normally gather up together during rough weather conditions.

// Daniel Wickman

Sunsets can be very beutiful at Dragsö

But a day like this, You either stay home or go fishing!