Friday, August 9, 2013

Pikesafari #7 2013

As I'm writing this summary, there has also become time to sum up this years total of all pikesafaris. Yesterday was the 7th and last pikesafari of this season and as every year we wasn't really fully booked. 16 anglers devided into 4 boats.

A little less than two days before this pikesafari the weathermens told us that we should get up to 65mm of rain during the day. With this fact in my mind, I realized that it was going to be a rainy safari this week. Fortunately, this forecast showed up to be very wrong and just small amounts of rain was falling during the morning and nothing at all in the evening.

This evening I wanted to go to some places that we havn't been visiting before on our pikesafaris. Our first place was west Haglö were we fished on 1-2,5m of depth. This place didn't deliver to good so after an hour we went a far way north of Dragsö to the bay of Skärva. At this place I immediately had a fish of approx 75cm but the fish escaped just by the boat.

We continued to have good amounts of contacts but just a few of them wanted to follow all the way into the boat. Two smaller pikes was landed by German guests Fiedler up to 57cm. We took some pictures of them anyway since we knew that fishing was tough today. Maybe these fish was going to be good enough?

Back at Dragsö we summed up this very last pikesafari and the numbers wasn't much to cheer for. Two boats came in with "pike virginity" and only a few ones in my and the 4th boat. In total we gathered 5 pikes and a perch. Lucky for the Germans, 57cm was the longest pike this evening and were rewarded with winner caps! They were so happy about their achievement and really got into pike fishing so they decided to rent a boat for themselves today!

So, with all the pikesafaris accomplished, we could sum up some interesting numbers.

In total this summer, we caught 152 pikes during our 7 pikesafaris. That is 30 pikes more than last year! The average winnerfish this season measured 77cm, compared with 2012 when this number was 74cm.

We had 185 guests following this season on our pikesafaris, which is a little lower number than last season when 196 guests joined us.

Numbers for geeks;

        Participants            Pikes caught        Winner pike
1.             16                               12                       87cm
2.             20                               17                       67cm
3.             21                               36                       91cm
4.             36                               35                       101cm
5.             40                               41                       70cm
6.             36                                6                        65cm
7.             16                                5                        57cm

Today I'm posting some mixed pictures from this season of pikesafaris. Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

// Daniel Wickman