Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ice situation 9/10/13

Good morning fellow readers.

Last couple of days I've recieved a lot of e-mails and phone calls regarding the ice situation. Last weekend we had nice sunny weather with 5-7 plus degrees during day time and no minus degrees in night time. This started the meltdown process and yesterday, as you can see on the picture, we had open water almost 10 meters out from mainland. Thickest ice part that was measurable at the end of our jetty was 3,5cm.

It's very hard to estimate when ice will disappear so we can put in our boats. Ice is for sure thin now, and just a couple of warm days can completely take it away. It could be on Thursday, it could be on Saturday.. But with some unluck it could be next week. Weathermen has promised 12-14 plus degrees and windy this weekend so it looks promising!