Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chapter 5 - Where to go?

Hi to all.
We have reached another weekend and another chapter release. This time I will be writing about a very important section in fishing that for sure is of critical importance if you will be successful or not during your day. It has become time to get the knowledge about where to go.

In previous chapters I have discussed the skills and knowledge needed when it comes to preparation parts in fishing. Hopefully, you have learned enough to feel confident when going out fishing. Imagine standing in the boat in a new area and don't really know where to go. The only thing you've got is all your gear loaded, a sea chart, information about what the weather has been like the past days and also what the weather is like now. If you are visiting us at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing, you also get a report about where catches has been reported and on what they have been caught on.

So with this fact in your mind, you will for sure ask yourself; Where to go?!

Use advice to your advantage and pikes can easily be found

If you visit us for the first time I strongly recommend to use the advice you'll get from our staff. We know where catches has been reported and it could be a great start to go to a place where pikes for sure has been present. If you use the knowledge learned in previous chapters you also get a good hint of where to look for the pikes. If you missed the chapter about weathers impact, then read it. Weather is as mentioned earlier of great importance in most fishing. 

At the moment we still have spring, and most fishing is located in bays. Of course there is an abvious reason to this as many of you might know. Spring in bays, after spawn close to herring schools, summer in the outer part of archipelago and autumn closer to shore again. Almost like 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, Fishing is great and pikes are for you' No no, I'm not into poetry shit. Let's stick to fishing, right?!

Furthermore, the thinking is very important as well. If you stand in the boat with low knowledge about the fishing in the area, try to imagine where it could be logical for pikes to stand. Will you find pikes in the outer part of archipelago in spawning time? Most probably not. Where could they be? Where do they spawn? In bays and in wetlands close to shore of course. Then start fishing in or close to the bays in springtime of course. I will write more about this thinking in upcoming chapters.. Another great advice is to ask other fisherman or in this case, our guides about where to go. Me myself is feeling great if I can help others to success within what we all have as our number one passion, pike fishing. 

Most of times guests want to get a good clue of what to think about when it comes to everything from choosing the "right" lures for each specific location and of course also about the thinking of where to go? With a half-day guided fishing trip, this knowledge can be a great start and make you more self confident of where to go and where pikes can be caught at the moment. This instead of going out and guess where to find them.

Remember, You can be a very good angler but with no knowledge of where to go and find them, all those pre-learned skills are useless.

Next weekend; Chapter 6 - What lures to use?

// Daniel Wickman