Saturday, April 13, 2013

First day of fishing season 2013!

Finally, almost all ice has melted by now and yesterday we putted in 3 of our Master500 boats. Since I was of duties today, I brought our trainee Albin from Swedish Sportfishing Academy out for the first fishing day of season 2013.

We tried out many different spots during the day and forced our way through ice at some places. I had a major defeat in numbers today, since I managed to catch 5 pikes in the cold water. All of them took a brown coloured pike spinning fly. Maybe this was the key of the day, since we didn't catch anything at all on jerkbaits or softbaits.

Todays fishing was very specific for early spring fishing. You have to search for places with just slightly higher temperatures. Top temperature today was just over 5 degrees and this spot was also where most pikes were caught. Mostly small pikes today but we continue our exploration tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day when our first guests of the season arrives to Dragsö Sportfishing. Finally, we can open and by this, SEASON IS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!

// Daniel Wickman 2013-04-13