Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chapter 4 - Be prepared

Hi everyone. We have reached a new weekend and that means It's high time for a new chapter release in our step-by-step guide for successful pike fishing.

Previous chapters has been covering most of the preparations but we still have one important part left to discuss. This chapter is about the gear needed for a successful fishing day.

Alright, you have proper clothes and you have a decent pack of food and drinks prepared. You have also learned more about the weather impact. Last chapter also told you that it's better to use gear that you are very famililar with rather than using stuff that you can't perform 100% with. Now it's about time to learn what gear you need to bring.

First of all you'll need lures, rod & reel to be able to fish obviously. This part is up to the fisherman himself so I won't write to much about it. When I say be prepared, I think more about accessory needed beside the actual fishing. There is a few things that I would never go fish without.

1. Tongs

At least one should be found in every anglers equipment bag. Very useful tool and you can be in need of several models. One long for taking the hooks out of the fishes mouth is mandatory. A small one could be used for many reasons such as changing hooks on lures, adding split rings and many more. It's also important to bring a cutter tong that is strong enough to easily cut hooks if needed. Unfortunately both anglers and pikes can be in serious need of getting rid of badly positioned hooks and even if it's not used to often, it's very important to bring one.

2. Measuring tool/Weight equipment

Most anglers want to know how big their catches are. This is often even more important if you actually catch a big pike. Should always be carried on since a big fish can be landed any time.

3. Camera

With a camera brought while fishing you can easily capture the moment of luck when catching the dream fish. This is what we all aim for. Take some quick photos and let the fish carefully back again. 

Quick Photos after good preparations and fish will make the air session fine and recover fast

4. Fishnet/Carp sack

This is a great tool that in my opinion is good to bring everytime you go fish. When catching a good sized fish it could be a good idea to let the pike rest in the water for a while in a net or a carp sack while preparing cameras, angles for photo and measuring equipment so that the fish will be up from the water as short time as possible. None of these procedures should be underestimated if you want to get good photos of the fish. Never, ever, let the fish be suffering just because you want good pictures when it easily can be prevented, even when feeling high on adrenalin during your catch.

5. Spare accessory

In my opinion it's important to always bring extra hooks, split rings, wires and other accessory that might be neccesary. What if your line brakes with major line loss? Two of my flourocarbon wires got damaged, why didn't I bring an extra set of wires? This is things that always should be carried on so fishing can be continued regardless what happens.

6. Knife

The survival tool. Can be used in many situations and should be carried on. Useful for cutting your line or maybe you have an old fish net in your propeller? 

With proper gear, accessory and preparation. Fishing is FUN!!!

7. First Aid Kit

Accidents happens very easily and a first aid kit is useful many times. When handling pikes you expose yourself to hurt fingers for small cuts and if unlucky even hook injuries. Easy to bring and good for treating small injuries immediately. Small cuts combined with fish secretion is not a good combo so add disinfection liquid to your first aid kit.  

These 7 topics is mandatory to always bring when fishing in my opinion. There is plenty of more things that might be useful but with described accessory you have what you'll need to successfully catch, handle and release a fish. This part of preparation is where many anglers shows mismanagement. In my opinion, it's an unserious act from any angler to not take this part of preparation seriously. Always be prepared should be as much common sence as using your belt in a car.

8. Polarized sunglasses
In our archipelago I strongly recommend to use polarized sunglasses. These is for several reasons. One of them is to let yourself have the advantage of actually see the pikes a couple of meters earlier than you would do without these glasses. Since we have very clear waters most of times, this advantage could be of great importance.
Another great advantage is to see stones and other obstacle that might be dangerous when driving boats in the archipelago. When you have been using polarized sunglasses in our waters for once, then I can ensure you that you don't want to fish again without them.  

Thank your for shown interest.

Next weekend; Chapter 5 - Where to go?

Daniel Wickman 13-04-20    


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